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Hey, I’m Roach, and this is my site! If I had to describe myself in a sentence I’d say that I’m a Boston-based Halloween obsessed horror filmmaker and special effects artist.

I’m an avid filmmaker and over the years I’ve produced a number of projects, including feature films, music videos and shorts/ I’m constantly learning & refining my knowledge of the craft through collaboration & independent study.

Recently I’ve served as Special Effects Supervisor on “Night Aboard the Salem“, a feature set aboard the USS Salem (CA-139), a Des Moines-class heavy cruiser. I’m also in post-production on the splatter film “Your Blood For Paint“, as well as writing “Junk”, a feature length study on addiction set against a zombie apocalypse and “Moonlight”, a psychobilly rock opera with werewolves.

In addition to filmmaking I have a passion for music, and play the upright bass, guitar and drums. I”m an avid collector of Halloween & horror memorabilia, and I lives in a haunted cathouse with partners, friends and many cats.


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