This page is an archive of virtually all of my music that has ever been comitted to record, with links to acts both current and past, and full downloads of my creations, some of which are good, others which are quite bad. Explore, and enjoy!

The Murder

  • Self-Titled EP (2008)
    1. Intro
    2. Boston Burns
    3. Movin’ On
    4. Glass House
    5. C-B.S.
    6. Gravedigger
    7. Rounders


  • Scabies, Nice u0026amp; Everything Nice! (2004)
    1. Whatcha Gonna Do?
    2. Break It Up, Burn It Down!
    3. Cloven Boots u0026amp; Halos
    4. 10 Kid Army
    5. Trapped In Suburbia
    6. 20 More Years
  • Whatcha Gonna Do? (2000)
    1. Whatcha Gonna Do?
    2. Break It Up, Burn It Down!
    3. Cloven Boots u0026amp; Halos
    4. 10 Kid Army
  • Drinkin’ u0026amp; Other Punk Rock Cliches (1999)
    1. Trapped In Suburbia
    2. Mickey Mouse is Queer
    3. The Edge
    4. 10 Kid Army
    5. 20 More Years
    6. Santa Claus is Dead
    7. Cloven Boots u0026amp; Halos
    8. Break It Up, Burn It Down!
    9. Hitler was an Alien
    10. Whatcha Gonna Do?

These tracks were all produced while I was DJing under the moniker RXM (I’ll leave it up to you to guess what that stands for). I did a mix of mostly Ragga Jungle and Dancehall Reggae. I was co-founder of Dubplate Culture, Boston’s first (and only, to date) Jungle u0026amp; Dancehall event, which is where most of these tracks debuted.

A handful of these were cut onto dubplate for the few jungle soundclashes I participated in (my favorite being done at The Remote Lounge where I clashed with DJ Big Ears), and all are saved here for posterity’s sake. Some of these tracks have been tweaked and remastered slightly since their creation, but any new material I produce will be noted as such.



Tec 9

This riddim holds a special place in my heart, as it’s the first reggae riddim to see an official release on vinyl, in the form of the A side of JuaKali’s whitelabel “2 Finga”, which was written specifically for the riddim. The track and it’s remixes got great reviews in issue #99 of XLR8r Magazine.

My good friend and up and coming Boston reggae artist D!Arryval also laid down a track, “Nuh Pretend” on the riddim, which I’d like to release as a 7″ record at some point in the future. Ideally I’d like to do a whole riddim set, but I have a bunch of other projects that need to get finished before I start thinking about that.


Over the years I’ve done alot of hip-hop production for friends. I’m mostly into more left field “intelligent” type beats, but I can do pretty much anything requested of me.

Lyrical Platoon



Ok, so I admit I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with unicorn trance bullshit… (I told you some of this stuff was embarrassing). Either way, I enjoy it, although I wouldn’t admit that publicly! Oh, wait…

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