Lately I’ve been writing alot of music that tends to have more narrative storyline. I think it goes along well with the horror-film vibe and lyrical content I’m producing.

This new track is called “Moonlight”. It’s about a werewolf, but instead of just the fur, fangs and blood everyone sees, I wanted to explore how the lycan, like so many perceived monsters, is really just a tragic figure. In this case, a slave to the moon, who wants what he can’t have, to lead a normal life with his love, without fear of turning into a fearsome beast, tied to the wax and wane of the lunar night.

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Up all night
Been howlin’ at the moon
It’s alright
We’ll be together soon
Back to bed
My darling dear
When first light breaks
I promise that I’ll be right here

So go back to sleep
Perchance to dream
Forget this nightmare
Forget you saw anything
Meanwhile, I must abide
A creature of the night
This curse upon me
Lycanthropy, a slave to moonlight

Left alone
Waiting for the dawn
My love is home
Awaiting my return
Daylight breaks
The beast is gone
My dear is safe
‘Til the next full moon

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